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 What does the term “league age” mean?
League age is the age of a player as of on April 30th of the current season for baseball (Senior/Junior and Little League).  As an example, a child born on June 12th, 1997 is league age 10 for the 2008 baseball season. As another example, a girl born on February 2nd, 1998 is league age 9 for the 2008 season.  When determining in what division a child should be placed, BYBS uses the child’s “league age” and NOT school age/grade. Due to insurance liability, any efforts towards altering a child’s DOB will result in removal from the league!

I just registered my son/daughter for the BYBS program. What will BYBS provide for equipment, and what do I need to provide as a parent?
BYBS will provide helmets w/facemask, catcher’s gear, bats, team shirts and hats. Players need provide their own baseball glove, gray pants, team-colored socks, cleats, and a positive fun attitude. Many parents do additionally provide their own LL approved bat and helmet however, it’s not required.

Bat Guide: Dick's Sporting Goods Bat Guide
Glove Guide: Dick's Sporting Goods Glove Guide

I want my child to play in a higher or lower division than the age guidelines allow. Can I do that?
BYBS is committed to compliance with the Little League International age requirements, and in fairness to all kids, requests to play up a division will not be entertained.  However, if you believe that your child is not developmentally ready for the competitive divisions (Minor baseball/softball, Major baseball/softball) you can request that he or she remain in the farm divisions for an additional year.  Please put your request in the comment section of the registration form or contact your Player Agent directly.  League division descriptions are located on the BYB web site.  

Can I request my child be placed on a particular team?
We DO NOT honor requests for specific placements in competitive divisions, specifically Major baseball/softball, and Minor baseball/softball. We try to honor requests in non-competitive divisions (IL & TB) but we cannot guarantee it. We will guarantee the siblings will be kept together in both competitive and non-competitive divisions. If you would like to make a request, please add it to the “Comments” section of the registration form and/or contact your Player Agent directly.

My son/daughter registered for BYBS back in December and now it’s March and he/she no longer wants to play baseball. Am I eligible for a refund?
Per the board-approved refund policy, Registration fees are treated as donations towards the operations of Bolton Youth Baseball.  A refund of registration fees may be considered under special circumstances.  To request a refund, the parent/guardian of the player requesting to withdraw from registration must submit a written request detailing the special circumstances justifying the refund on or before January 31st of the registration year.

The letter will be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The Board, in its discretion, may authorize a refund of all or part of the fee.  A $25.00 administration charge will be accessed assessed against any amount authorized to be refunded. Once approved by the Board of Directors, a check for the amount authorized, less $25.00, will be issued within eight weeks.

No consideration will be given to a request for refunds received after January 31st of the registration year. 

How do I register my child for a specific level? Why so many different levels?
Bolton Youth Baseball has age, grade and level specific registrations.  All Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (unless the played the previous year) players must play T-Ball and should register for T-Ball.  All Kindergarten (with T-Ball
experience), first and second graders must register for the Instructional (A/AA) League.  Third grade players who would like to try out for Minors (AAA) should register for Little League Minors (AAA)/Majors and those who do not want to tryout may register for Instructional (A/AA) League.  Fourth through sixth grader must register for Little League Minors (AAA)/Majors.  Seventh grade players who are eligible for Little League may register for Little League Minors (AAA)/Majors  or Junior League.  Players "Little League" age 13 and older may sign up for Junior League or Senior League based on skill or experience on the 90-foot diamond. 

It is the objective of the Bolton Youth Baseball and Softball Board of Directors to place each child into a situation where he or she will continue to develop and succeed.  The league was developed with levels of play where the kids can be continue to progress and develop without being overwhelmed.  Baseball and softball can be difficult sports to master, so our objective is to offer a range of levels, leagues and tournaments which will provide on outlet for players of all skill levels to enjoy the experience and excitement that is America's Pastime

My son/daughter wants to play summer or fall baseball?
Bolton Youth Baseball has offer Big-Fly Summer and
Big-Fly Fall League baseball.  The summer league includes Minors (AAA) and Majors levels play.  Fall league includes Instructional (AA), Minors (AAA), Majors, Junior League (for "Little League" age 12 year olds) and Senior League.

My son/daughter is 5 year old and he/she wants to play in the Instructional (A/AA) League baseball. Is he/she eligible?
Bolton Youth Baseball encourages all Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten age kids to play T-Ball.  This level is more than just baseball fundamentals but it also allows the kids the time to adjust to the game without the pressures of learning outs and errors.  Bolton Youth Baseball has set a policy that all “league age” 5 year olds MUST play T-ball, no exceptions.  In addition, all Kindergarten “league age” 6 years olds must play T-ball if they have not already played the previous season. Players age 7 and older are exempt from this rule and will be placed in the Instructional (A/AA) League.

My son/daughter is 8 years old and he/she wants to try out for the Minors baseball division. Is he/she eligible?
Per the BYB draft process, 9-10 year olds are eligible to try out for the Minors. Specifically some third grade 8 year olds are eligible to try out for the Minors division by invitation only as selected by the Manager and Drafting Committee.  Bolton Youth Baseball Draft Procedures

My son/daughter is 10 years old and he/she wants to try out for Majors baseball division. Is he/she eligible?
Per the BYB draft process, 11-12 year olds are eligible to try out for the Majors. Specifically some 10 year olds are eligible to try out for the Majors division by invitation only as selected by the Manager and Drafting Committee.  Bolton Youth Baseball Draft Procedures

My son/daughter is 11 years old and he/she wants to try out for Majors baseball. What division should I register him/her in?
BYBS registrations are sorted by age, grade and level.  Players can register based on age and there is no need to worry about which division. Players eligible for the draft will be contacted by a Player Agent. Players not drafted onto a Major baseball team will automatically be placed in the Minors division.

How are Managers and Assistant Coaches identified and selected for baseball and softball?
On the BYB registration form you will have the option to select that you are interested in being a volunteer Manager or Assist Coach, along with several other volunteer options. Player Agents work with he previous years Managers to determine who is interested on coming back to Manage a team. From there Managers are selected and presented to the President who has the final approval. All Assistant Coaches are selected by the team Managers for each team and again approved by the President. No Manager or Coaches position are automatically carried over from season to season.

 How long is the baseball season?
Spring baseball starts in March with tryouts and the creation of teams.  Once the teams are created, practice starts for all levels around the beginning of April and games start at the end of April.  The season last from April until the middle to end of June depending on the level.  T-Ball, Instructional (A/AA) and Minors (AAA) levels end around the second week of June.  Majors, Junior and Senior league have playoff which usually occur the third and fourth weeks of June and the season ends when playoff are complete or the team is eliminated.

 How often do teams practice and play games? Why are practice and games on different days?
In general, the lower level teams play and practice less than the older levels.  T-Ball practices once a week with 1-2 games per week.  Coach pitch (A) and Machine Pitch (AA) practice about 3 times over two weeks with 1-2 games per week.  Minors (AAA) level and above generally have two practices and two games per week.  Practice times vary because Bolton has limited field space for baseball.  To ensure all teams get equal use of the fields for practice the teams are rotated in and out of the avaiable times slots.  This is also done to ensure that one team is not stuck with the early or late time slot for the season.

As a BYBS Volunteer will I be required to submit to a background check (CORI,NSOR)?
Yes. Every year ALL BYB Managers, Assistant Coaches, and Board Members are required by Little League International to submit to a background check, which will be closely managed/guarded by the league President. Also, if you have already been through the background check process via school or another youth program, you are still required to submit to a BYB background check, no exceptions. In addition, the State of Massachusetts requires all youth programs to conduct CORI checks on all volunteers. 

My son/daughter is too old for BYBS baseball.  Is there a league for players 13 years or older?
Absolutely!  Senior/Junior League is the next level of baseball after little league, which covers ages 13-15.  In addition, there is NRSD Middle/High School baseball and softball teams that may also be an option to consider. You can get additional information at the Bolton Youth Baseball or Nashoba Regional School District web sites.

Who is responsible for Memorial Field ownership and management? 
Memorial Field is owned by the Town of Bolton and is managed under the Park & Recreations Committee. While BYB is the primary contributor and caretaker towards the fields’ upkeep and improvements, we are only a user of the field space, just like the school, Bolton Youth Soccer, Bolton Hoops, and any town resident for that matter. In addition, due to Memorial Fields location within the wetlands, the Bolton Conservation Commission is also involved in any discussions as it relates to Memorial Field changes/improvements. Bolton DPW is also responsible for general grass cutting and maintenance of the sprinkler system.